Jan 29, 2010

Make your own Loch Ness monster

Pardon the bad drawing, as this was drawn using a mouse within the time frame during which my supervisor wasn't watching, or was talking to my boss, or went to the toilet or went for a smoke.

and in case you don't know what a loch ness monster is, it's a lake monster said to have been sighted several times in a lake in scotland called loch ness. since everyone's so ready to believe in monsters everytime someone takes a photo of something sticking its head out of the water, i thought we should do it too, and get famous :D except our version has to be done with an x-ray rather than just a normal camera.


  1. good one! perhaps you should try it with coffee: "loch ness of the dark water" sounds cooler!

  2. that is one really cute tongue