Feb 6, 2010

Ride a Jockey *L4D2 Cheats*

What about having a moment with Mr. Jockey in Left 4 Dead 2? lol
It's darn exciting to have these codes ready whenever this freak attacks (for those who play, you know how it feels)!
To RIDE a Jockey carelessly, you must follow these instructions:

1) Have L4D2 installed in your computer.
2) Start the game, press ~` key to open the intro console window.
3) Enter one of the following map codes in the intro console window.

Dead Center campaign:
map c1m1_hotel

Dark Carnival campaign:
map c2m1_highway
map c2m2_fairgrounds

map c2m3_coaster

map c2m4_barns
map c2m5_concert

Swamp Fever campaign:
map c3m1_plankcountry
map c3m2_swamp

map c3m3_shantytown

map c3m4_plantation

Hard Rain campaign:
map c4m1_milltown_a
map c4m2_sugarmill_a

map c4m3_sugarmill_b

map c4m4_milltown_b

map c4m5_milltown_escape

The Parish campaign:
map c5m1_waterfront
map c5m2_park

map c5m3_cemetery

map c5m4_quarter

map c5m5_bridge

4) Start playing, enter sv_cheats 1 to enable the cheat codes.
5) Enter god_1 to be in 100% invincible mode.
6) Enter give vomitjar to have a bilejar equipped (as shown).
7) Enter z_ride jockey (tripple check the spelling).

"You're now riding a Jockey!"

P/S: Exclusively for my L4D ganggie~ *3*


  1. omg u very crazy lor draw jockey until so fineee!!!! :O

  2. yea first digital painting ever! hardey hard!